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On Tuesday, The Fontana City Council Voted Unanimously To Accept Plans For A New Shopping Complex In The City’s Northern Section, According To The Council’s Official Website

The Fontana City Council authorized plans for a new shopping mall to be constructed in the city’s northern section earlier this month. Earlier in the month, the city’s planning commission gave its approval to the proposals, which were then implemented.

According to the company’s estimates, Citrus Crossroads will open in the second half of next year and will be positioned on the northeast corner of South Highland and Citrus avenues. Beginning later this year, construction is expected to begin and be completed by the end of the following year, according to the schedule. The center is expected to open its doors in the year 2020, according to projections. Aside from its convenient position near the Fontana Auto Center and other businesses, the property’s size (6.2 adjusted gross acres) makes it a great investment. In the vicinity is Route 210 Freeway, which is approximately one mile south of the property. Construction is now taking place on the property’s site development.

The grocery store at Citrus Crossroads will be 40,100 square feet in size, flanked by a 13,640 square foot commercial space that will house businesses such as Starbucks, The Habit Restaurant, Pacific Dental Group, FedEx Express, and an urgent care center among others, in addition to the grocery store and the urgent care center. A number of electric vehicle charging stations will be available at the site, according to the facility’s developer, Sage Investco, who also owns and operates a car dealership.

In accordance with the developer, it is projected that 225 full-time employees and 125 part-time employees will be hired at each of the job fairs that will be held in the near future. Citrus Crossroads is slated to open its doors by the end of November this year, according to the current plan in place.

An enthusiastic response was heard from members of the City Council during their meeting on January 25, which resulted in a unanimous vote of 5-0 approval for the plan during the meeting itself.

The meeting’s public comments phase included comments from Kareem Gongora, one of the participants who shared his thoughts on the endeavor, noting that while he felt it was commendable, he had some reservations regarding the volume of traffic that would be traveling through the crossroads in question.

According to Senior Planner Paul Gonzales, an investigation into the traffic impact was done, and the city is certain that all issues related to circulation have been successfully handled at this time.

In a statement, the mayor of the city, Acquanetta Warren, claimed that the city has been trying to boost the number of people who visit the Auto Center, which is located along South Highland Avenue, right in the center of the city’s commercial sector.

According to Warren, the new retail hub will be a popular place for consumers who want to do their shopping before visiting a vehicle dealership. Then she expressed her admiration for the project, saying that “Citrus Crossroads is another piece of history in this great city.” She finished by saying, “Citrus Crossroads is another piece of history in this magnificent city.”

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